Haley RV is a Living Wage Employer

Providing fair and equal employment in the Gibsons, BC community.

What is a Living Wage Employer?

“Living Wage Employers agree to pay all direct and contract employees a living wage rate for their region and recognize that paying a living wage is an investment in the community and the long-term prosperity of the economy.”

Living Wage for Families BC

At Haley RV, we believe that we all have a role to play in ending poverty. The minimum wage is a government response to address working poverty, but it’s often not enough - especially as basic survival costs like housing and food continue to soar across the country.

The living wage is an employer’s opportunity to address the same problem, and we’re proud to be part of the solution.

Calculating and Paying a Living Wage

The living wage is a calculation that looks at how much income a family of four needs to meet their expenses. It includes costs like rent, groceries, extended health care, and at least two-weeks worth of savings for each adult. It does not include debt repayment or future savings. Employers will take into account their employees’ total wage plus benefits to ensure fair compensation is provided and a living wage rate is met.

Want to join us in making a meaningful impact? Learn more about becoming a Living Wage Employer.


Benefits of a Living Wage for the Sunshine Coast

Good for Employers & Employees

Living Wage Employers report higher employee retention and productivity, while employees report higher satisfaction at work and pride in being affiliated with their workplace.

Good for the Community

From helping parents support their children's education to making sure our vulnerable communities can fill their prescriptions, the living wage is an investment in the health & happiness of our community.

Good for the Economy

People who are compensated fairly re-invest their income back into the economy by purchasing goods and services - often locally. We all benefit when we reduce working poverty in our communities.

"A living wage supports our organization's mission to promote equality, fairness, and social inclusion."

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