Full-Time RV Living on the Sunshine Coast

Purchasing an RV is a major investment and we understand that more than anyone! We're here to help you manage and make sense of that investment with flexible financing options. Your loan shouldn't be a headache to manage. We work with several trusted financial institutions to deliver you the best possible rates. At Haley RV, we'll make it easy for you to reach your goal of owning an RV that is the right fit for your lifestyle and your needs. Get closer to your dream RV and enjoy everything the Sunshine Coast has to offer! Fill out our application or contact us to explore the available loan and payment options.

Full-Time RV Living on Any Budget

One of the biggest questions that potential full-time RVers face is whether this new lifestyle is affordable. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ You can expect many of your expenses to generally stay the same, including your food and clothing budget, insurance, car payments, cell phone bill and media subscription accounts, like Netflix or mobile satellite TV. Your current living expenses, like your mortgage and property taxes, are likely to be replaced with similar RV payments and campground fees. If you are considering purchasing a new RV, chat with our Finance Department about long-term lease options that will help keep your monthly payments manageable. You can absolutely splurge to your heart’s desire if you’re not confined to a budget, but there are plenty of ways to make full-time RV living an affordable option!

Choosing the Perfect New Mobile Home

As a full-time RVer, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new home. Your unit should be a functional space that works with your needs, and important considerations include making sure there is enough living space for everyone onboard, cargo capacity for the gear you plan to bring along, towing compatibility with your vehicle, must-have amenities, features that are unique to your lifestyle and, most importantly, it should feel like ‘home.’ Whether you’re interested in embracing a minimalist experience, or you’re more of a big n’ luxurious type of RVer, we can help you find the perfect unit for your new adventure.

Don't be Afraid to Downsize

Downsizing can be a scary thought, but most folks who purge their ‘stuff' before moving into a smaller dwelling report that it can be a very therapeutic process. We recommend writing down your daily routine for a few weeks, and then examining which physical items are a regular part of your life. The coffee maker? A musical instrument? Your bicycle? It's worthwhile to compromise space for items that are an integral part of your daily life and happiness. Many items, like cookware and clothing, can be whittled down to just a few key pieces, such as one quality saute pan, your favourite mug and a selection of high-performance articles of clothing. If there are items that you're simply not ready to part with, moving them to a permanent storage facility is a popular option.

Tying Up Loose Ends

There are a few considerations that folks often forget about, but they are a vitally important part of the planning phase. These “loose ends'' can include setting up a permanent address for mail, notifying your family doctor of your travel plans, finding schooling solutions for your children if they'll be travelling with you, updating your life insurance and even selling your current home. You should outfit your RV with adequate safety resources to prepare for emergencies, and familiarizing yourself with the basics of RV maintenance and outdoor survival is also a good idea.

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Beautiful British Columbia is Yours to Discover

Full-time RVers on Canada’s west coast are some of the luckiest in the world - there’s no shortage of gorgeous places to stay and explore! There are plenty of local RV campgrounds with year-round availability where you can lay down roots, or take advantage of BC’s countless Provincial and National Parks for the ultimate west-coast adventure. Many RVers find it helpful to decide on a “theme” that will guide their travels, such as solely exploring the Sunshine Coast one year, spending an entire year offshore, doing every major hike in a particular geographic region, or finding the ultimate cozy campground and finally finishing that book you’ve been writing. Wherever you are in your #RVLife journey, the possibilities are endless!

Full-Time RV Living is Possible With Haley RV

When it comes to adopting a full-time RV lifestyle, there is certainly a lot to consider - but our experienced team is here to help make the transition easy and fun! Whether you’re starting from scratch and doing this thing from step one, or you simply need advice on what to pack and where to go, we’re dedicated to doing all that we can to make your #RVLife dreams come true. Reach out to the Haley RV team to get started!

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