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The best RV service and maintenance on the Sunshine Coast happens at Haley RV.

Your RV is important to you. It's your living space everywhere along your journey, whether on the road or at your destination. We know that you need to trust the people working on your vehicle. RV owners here trust that Haley RV's exceptional service team, in the only ICBC repair shop on the Sunshine Coast, will have their home-on-wheels running without issue!

We're dedicated to meeting your needs, whenever and wherever they arise.

Our experts are ready with in-store and mobile service to take on any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades that your RV needs so YOU can spend more time planning the adventures ahead of you! You can contact us at any time, whenever you need answers on what's going on with your RV, what parts you might need, or what services will help to best maintain your vehicle.

Winterizing & De-Winterizing

Winterizing & De-Winterizing

Getting your RV ready for winter and ready for the road takes a lot more than draining and refilling the water. Our experts will handle it for you without missing a single thing!

Warranty Maintenance

Warranty Maintenance

You can trust your warranty! At Haley RV, your service professionals will execute any maintenance and service within that warranty, in a timely manner. We want your keys back in your hands as much as you do.

Wheel Bearing Service

Wheel Bearing Service

Your wheel bearings need to be maintained at least once a year, sometimes more often, depending on use! Our wheel bearing service will have your home-on-wheels running as smooth as ever. No corrosion, no fuss.

RV Leak Testing

RV's have many different sealed areas and some have large roofs with several different seams which is why we now use the Sealtech at every PDI. Sealtech detects leaks far better than a visual inspection, during the process we force in air to pressurize your RV then lightly spray a water-based solution around sealed areas (such as the roof, windows, vents, doors ect) to detect leaks. If there is a spot where water can get it, the solution combined with the pressurized air will create a bubble.  It's an efficient way to detect and fix leaky spots before more extensive water damage occurs.

It can be very difficult to identify where a leak in your RV is coming from. Let us help you locate where the leak in your RV is originating from, the RV service department at Haley RV in right here on the Sunshine Coast has a sure fired way to find that leak. We are the only authorized Sealtech leak detection service on the Sunshine Coast.

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